Push pull metal circular plug used in the wound radiometric instrument

F series push pull metal circular plug,a client from Australia has asked for this straight plug connectors which will be used in the wound radiometric instrument.

This equipment adopts sensitive semiconductor detector with probe cover, which can be used for the
detection of low level alpha radiation contamination on the wound surface of human body, and can also measure the external irradiation gamma dose rate level of human wounds contaminated by nuclides.
With good detection efficiency, high reliability and convenient operation characteristics.The instrument is controlled by single chip microcomputer, which can continuously record and store the measured data and obtain it by computer communication.The equipment can be used in nuclear emergency (can be used as military nuclear emergency kit supporting products), nuclear medicine, nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel production, transportation, storage and commodity inspection and many other fields.The control functions of the instrument include: timing selection of background measurement, timing selection of pollution measurement, setting of alarm threshold, data communication, sound and light alarm, etc. Here, connectors play a significant role as a small part of it.

Post time: Sep-04-2019