INT-SCB Half-Shell Key M9 M12 M15 M18 size Push Pull Hermetic Circular Connectors

Short Description:

Model (INT-SCB) Series (0F…3F), Straight plug, with half-shell key (G or A), cable collet, brass out shell, 2 to 27 pins, nut for fitting bend relief. M9 M12 M15 M18 size push-pull hermetic circular connectors option.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 30000 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,PayPal,Western Union
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    Military cable connectors F series with the following main features:
    1.Rugged, lightweight and compact connectors.
    2.Easy blind mating even with gloves.
    3.Sealed and hermetic connectors (up to IP68, even unmated).
    4.Extreme temperature resistance.
    5.EMI shielded connectors for reliable data transmission.
    6.Designed for durability.
    Technical characteristics:
    Mechanical and Climatically
    1. Endurance: > 5000 mating cycles.
    2. Humidity: up to 95% at 60 ºC.
    3. Temperature range: -40 ºC, +250 ºC.
    4. Resistance to vibration: 15 g [10 HZ-2000HZ].
    5. Shock resistance: 100 g ,6 MS.
    6. Salt spray corrosion test: > 48h.
    7. Protection index (mated): IP 50.
    Product size:

    Reference Dimension  
    Model Series L A M S1 S2
    INT-SCB 102 38 9.5 28 8 8
    INT-SCB 103 48 12 38 9 10
    INT-SCB 104 54 15 41.4 13 13
    INT-SCB 105 58 18.7 28.8 16 17

    It can be compatible with below part number    

    S102 Series S104 Series
    Number of Pins Male contact Female contact Number of Pins Male contact Female contact
    2 S102A051 S102Z051 2 S104A051 S104Z051
    3 S102A052 S102Z052 3 S104A040 S104Z040
    4 S102A053 S102Z053 4 S104A037 S104Z037
    5 S102A054 S102Z054 5 S104A053 S104Z053
    7 S102A056 S102Z056 6 S104A065 S104Z065
    9 S102A059 S102Z059 7 S104A054 S104Z054
    S103 Series 8 S104A066 S104Z066
    Number of Pins Male contact Female contact 16 S104A86 S104Z86
    2 S103A051 S103Z051 19 S104A92 S104Z92
    3 S103A052 S103Z052 27 S104A124 S104Z124
    4 S103A053 S103Z053 Note: All our part number begin with” INT-”,For example: INT-SCB102A051-130
    5 S103A054 S103Z054
    6 S103A056 S103Z056
    7 S103A057 S103Z057
    8 S103A058 S103Z058
    12 S103A062 S103Z062

    Industry Application:
    F series are widely used in Diagnostic devices, Surgical instrumentation, Therapy applications, Medical imaging, Cardiac assist devices, Disposable equipment.
    INTE-AUTO design, manufacture and distribute high performance push-pull connector and cable assembly solutions. Known for their quality and ruggedness, our products prove to be reliable in the most demanding environments. Keep high quality with competitive price and fast shipping to cost down and shorten lead time.

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