widely used in navigation instruments and measurement equipment’s such as thermocouple, voltage, current, force, flow, optical or pressure sensors.
test equipement

Equipment Benefits Series
GPS (portable or vehicle mounted) Watertight receptacles, shock and vibration resistant, excellent shielding. K Series
E Series
High Voltage Experiments Wide range of safety features (locking ring, markings, built-in switches), easy mating, rugged and reliable. B(Mixed)  Series
Meters, Sources, Analyzers Excellent reliability for many mating. Color and key options to avoid misconnections. Hybrid inserts to provide power and carry low and high frequency signals. B Series
S Series
P Series
Weather Sensors Sealed for outdoor use. Mixed signal inserts (low/high voltage, coax, and fiber) to minimize number of connections. K Series
E Series
Quality Inspections Multi-contact and hybrid inserts (low/high voltage, coax, fiber optic) reduce space requirements and number of connections. B Series
S Series