Aviation plug connector selection

Proper selection and use of electrical connector is an important aspect to ensure circuit reliability.
1. Electrical parameters: connectors are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits.Therefore, the electrical parameters of connector itself are the first problem to be considered when selecting connector.
2. Safety requirements: they can be used to different highest working voltage.To limit the rated current, in fact, limit the temperature rise inside the electrical connector to not exceed the design specification.The problem that should pay attention to when choosing is: for multi-core electric connector, rated current must be reduced to use.
3. Installation and shape: the shape of the aviation plug terminal, user mainly from straight, curved, diameter of wire or cable and fixed requirements, size, weight and shell, whether to need to connect the metal hose, etc. To choose, to use electric connector on the panel also from beautiful, modelling, color, etc.

Post time: Jul-15-2019