circular push-pull self-locking waterproof connectors

Waterproof connector, it is in damp environment or it is the connector that can assure the mechanical property inside connector, electric property to be able to use normally below bearing certain hydraulic circumstance namely.

They can be placed inside the power cord, network cable, etc., providing normal and safe and reliable power supply and signal transmission, at the same time, it can also play a good waterproof and dustproof effect.

One of the most important parameters of a waterproof connector is its IP rating.The IP rating consists of two Numbers. The first number indicates the extent to which a device is resistant to dust, or how safe people are from harm in a sealed environment.I represents the level of protection against solid foreign bodies, the highest level is 6;The second number indicates how waterproof the equipment is.P is the level of protection against water. The highest level is 8.

Due to its excellent performance and suitable for very harsh working environment, waterproof connector is widely used.For example, in the industrial environment, LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting project, lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinkler, etc., all need to use waterproof connector.The military field has strict requirements on connectors, so a large number of waterproof connectors are used, such as connectors for submarines and submarine-launched missiles.

INTE-AUTO’S K series circular push-pull self-locking connectors are waterproof when inserted, and can be properly assembled with the corresponding cables to achieve the protection rating of IP68 (at least IP66).Welcome new and old customers to buy!

Post time: Aug-26-2019