Fast lead time of push pull connectors manufacturer in China

Are you looking for a fast lead time of connectors manufacturer in china?

A Australia customer who is engaged in provide the solution of  current aerial map, geospatial imagery  and measurable obliques,  an urgent demand is M12 size push pull connectors, INTE-AUTO accepts small MOQ to support your project developing, thousands of parts connectors materials are in stock, we can delivery as  soon as in two work days to Germany, Italy, Braizl, Israel, Australia,Canada, Spain and US.

If you are looking for a push pull connector solution for measurable equipment, a below connectors list for your reference:

INT13-ZCJ.1B.308.CLA 1B series 8 pin fixed receptacle, 2 keys (alpha=45), male contacts
INT13-TGJ.1B.308.CLLD52Z 1B series 8 pin straight plug, 2 keys (alpha=45), female contacts, 5.2mm cable collet, nut for fitting bend relief

thousands of customers from word wide proven quality, custom design, fast service. Recently we also delivery rapidly within 1 weeks even the order QTY is about 1000 for medical devices, ventilators, patient monitors, disposable endoscopy handy piece.


Post time: Apr-26-2020