How do you choose an advanced connector for dialysis therapy equipment?

Globally, there are 2.3 million patients who die each year in emerging markets because they either can’t afford or access dialysis therapy. There is a tremendous need for an affordable, easy to use home dialysis system. Our customer from USA who engaged in dialysis therapy equipment, considering the cost, application, environment, reliable connection system, our engineer team recommend use 3B series M18 size IP50 low voltage straight plug and fixed socket connector as a perfect solution.


3B 16 Pins,straight plug,cable collet,nut for bend relief


3B 16 Pins,fixed receptacle,nut fixing


3B 22 Pins,straight plug,cable collet,nut for bend relief


3B 22 Pins,fixed receptacle,nut fixing

INTE-AUTO engaged in developed and manufacture push pull connectors, the mating times can reach 6000 times, the working temperature is -50 degree to 250 degree.

Connectors with reliable performance, smart design and space-saving installation are praised highly by our customers.

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Post time: Jun-12-2019