Hybrid connector

What is the hybrid connector?

Usually we talk hybrid connector is mixed different types of contacts in signal connector, include power, data, coaxial, fluidic, liquid, signals, gas. It can transmit signals, data, gas and power


What are the benefits for hybrid connectors?

The hybrid connectors can transmit data, signals and power easily and flexible in a single connector.

Your advantages:

Save time and space

Complete installation concept

Suitable for use in a wide range of applications

Multiple choice

Good performance

More easily design interface

Easily operate especially push pull self-locking system


The types of hybrid connector:

Different contacts arrangement in the hybrid connector:

Fluid tube and power contacts

Pneumatic valves and power contacts

Coaxial and power contacts

Signals and power contacts

Data and power contacts

Optical and power contacts

Signals and data contacts

Signals and coaxial contacts

Coaxial and gas contacts


INTE-AUTO can offer below types number of contacts for hybrid connector:

6 power contacts and 1 fluid tube

hibrid mixed electrical fluid connectors

8 power contacts and 1 pneumatic valve

fluid connector

6 power contacts and 2 coaxial contacts

Electrical coaxial hybrid connectors

10 power contacts and 1 coaxial contact

 Coaxial electrical connectors

Different IP degree work for the different environment:

IP50 power and signal connectors

IP68 waterproof connectors 


Transmissions type:


Signal connector, power connector, data connector, coaxial connector



Gases, liquids


Sharp type:

Rectangular hybrid connector

Circular hybrid connector

Modular hybrid connector


Connect type:

Thread connector

Screw connector

Push pull self-latching connector

Push pull non-latching connector


Material type:

Plastic hybrid connector 

Metal hybrid connector

Brass hybrid connector


Size type:

M8/M12/M15/M18/M23/M40 hybrid connector


What is the hybrid connectors application?

The hybrid connectors can be used in medical, beauty apparatus, broadcast system, industrial and outdoor, test and measurement, aerospace ect.


How do you choose the hybrid connectors?

1. General application characteristic

Description of the application

What types of transmissions are needed in my application?

How many transmissions type do I want to combine?

Available space

Environment condition (e.g.: water, dust, temperature, chemicals)

2. Electrical characteristics

Number of contacts

Work voltage

Work current

3. Physical characteristic

Media type

Tube diameter



What is the kind of hybrid connector can supply by INTE-AUTO?

INTE-AUTO engaged in develop and manufacture push pull self-locking connectors and customized cable assembly in China since 2013.

Circular hybrid connector arranges coaxial and power contacts

Round hybrid connectors with signals and coaxial contacts

Push pull hybrid connectors include fluidic tube and power contacts

Plastic hybrid connectors fix pneumatic valves and power contacts

IP50 2B and 3B fluidic hybrid electrical connectors for medical technology

IP68 2K coaxial hybrid power connectors for test and measurement

IP50 2B hybrid coaxial data connectors for industrial


What is the features for INTE-AUTO hybrid cable male female connectors?

Push pull self-latching system


Versatile mechanical keying options

6+1/8+1/10+1/6+2 contacts

> 5,000 mating cycles of metal type

> 1,000 mating cycles of plastic type

M15 M18 M20 sizes available

RoHS compliant

Contacts with solder/coaxial/fluidic/ Pneumatic valves

Simple assembly of the connector with cable

EMC shielded option available


If you are looking for a push pull connectors manufacturer or need customized cable assembly solution, you can contact with INTE-AUTO team directly.


Post time: Sep-07-2020