Hybrid connector solution

What is hybrid connector?

Basically, a hybrid connector that includes coaxial, power, low voltage, liquid and control signal all in one. These hybrid connectors are designed for high definition broadcast television cameras, beauty equipment, medical equipment etc.


Which hybrid connector combinations are most commonly requested?

Here are some combinations with different contacts to reach the special functions.

• Power + data

• Signals + data

• Signals + coax

• Coax + liquid

• Coax + gas

• Power+ Coax

• Power+ Fluidic

• Low voltage+ Coax

• Low voltage+ Fluidic


What kinds of hybrid connector INTE-AUTO have?

INTE-AUTO is a manufacturing and trading combo, produce and export push pull metal&plastic connectors, electrical hybrid connectors for more than 8 years. Currently the Low voltage coaxial power connector and fluid connector solution can be offer to our value customer. INTE-AUTO professional technician team will continuously to research more hybrid connector solutions.

Post time: Jun-26-2019