INTE-AUTO offer connector solution to cinecamera

INTE-AUTO develops and manufactures push-pull self-locking metal and plastic connectors that are safe and reliable, providing cameras with custom high-quality connector solutions for connecting external devices, with six size to meet different customer needs. It is INTE-AUTO’s excellent product performance, high reliability and customized services that attract the attention of foreign customers.

The camera adopts a modular design, and the body, photo receptor, screen, lens, and support mode are all customized to meet the needs of different movies. Fast and secure communication between modules requires a stable and reliable connector for support.

The customer said: “Our cameras are used in many important locations, so our performance and reliability requirements are extremely strict.” The outstanding performance and reliability pursued is one of the advantages of INTE-AUTO.

The INTE-AUTO push-pull connector is perfect for these needs:
Rugged metal or plastic housing round connector series
Soldering, crimping and PCB pins
Optional self-locking lock system ensures secure connection at any time, or easy to disconnect with easy separation
2-32 core
Protection class IP50 to IP68
Medical applications that can withstand autoclaving
Hybrid pin for various combined transmissions


Post time: Aug-12-2019