Introduction of connector terminal mode

Terminal means how the connector is connected to a wire or cable. It is an important aspect of using and selecting connector to choose the terminal mode and technology. There are several common connections:

Soldering:The most common type of soldering is tin welding. The most important part of the solder connection is the continuity of the metal between the solder material and the surface to be welded. Therefore, weldability is important for connectors. The most common coatings on the welded ends of connectors are tin alloy, silver, and gold. Reed-type contact on the common welding end of the plate type, punching and notch welding plate type: pinhole contact on the common welding end of the hole arc notch type.

Crimping: it is a technique in which the metal is compressed and displaced within specified limits and leads are connected to contact pairs.Good pressure joint can produce metal mutual fusion flow, so that the wire and contact on the material symmetric deformation.This connection is similar to the cold welded connection, which can obtain better mechanical strength and electrical continuity, and it can withstand more severe environmental conditions.At present, it is generally considered that it is better to use the right pressure joint than tin welding.Special clamping pliers or automatic or semi-automatic clamping pliers shall be used in the pressing.According to the conductor section, the correct choice of contact with the cylinder.

Winding: Wire wrapping is to wrap the wire directly on the pole of the angular contact piece.When winding, the wire is wound under the control of tension, pressed into and fixed at the edges and corners of the wrapping column of the contact piece, so as to form airtight contact.There are several requirements for wire winding: the nominal value of wire diameter should be within 0.25mm~1.0mm;When the diameter of conductor is no more than 0.5mm, the elongation of conductor material is no less than 15%, When the diameter of conductor is greater than 0.5mm, the elongation of conductor material is not less than 20%.Winding tools include winding gun and fixed winding machine.

Puncture connection: it also known as insulation displacement connection, is a novel end technology invented by the United States in the 1960s, with high reliability, low cost, easy to use and other characteristics, has been widely used in various PCB connector.It is suitable for ribbon cable connection.It is not necessary to strip the insulation layer of the cable when connecting, and the tip of the “U” shaped contact reed of the connector is inserted into the insulation layer to make the conductor of the cable slide into the groove of contact reed and be clamped, thus forming a tight electrical connection between cable conductor and connector reed.

Post time: Jul-29-2019