The installation of K series waterproof connector plug.

The installation of K series waterproof connector plug.


① Bend relief   ②Tail nut  ③Cable collet  ④Cable seal ring

⑤ Shielded wire junk ring ⑥Insulator clasp  ⑦insulator subassembly  ⑧Plug subassembly

1.Pass the cables through the bend relief, tail nut, cable collet, cable seal ring, shielded wire junk ring, and weld them in sequence to the corresponding pin of the insulator subassembly.

2.Install the insulator clasp on the insulator subassembly, pay attention to the protrusion of the insulator clasp and the gap of the insulator subassembly, and push the Shielded wire junk ring, cable seal ring and cable collet to the appropriate position in order to ensure the complete skin of the cable into the shielded wire junk ring.

3.Load the installed insulator subassembly into the plug subassembly, and note that the gap on the insulator clasp corresponds to the protrusion in the plug subassembly.

4.Screw the tail nut onto the plug subassembly.

5.Attach the bend relief to the tail nut.



Post time: Oct-14-2019