What do our customers comment INTE-AUTO push pull connectors?

INTE-AUTO start to research and manufacture metal and plastic push pull connectors in 2013. Under the high standard of quality to meet with customer’s requirements, It is so praised that we got many positive comments from our customers.

♦A Brazil test equipment customer said, “Very good service and products, we want to continue our orders!”
“Really nice connector and reasonable price” Praised by an India medical company customer.
♦An engineer from famous military equipment company give us a details report, he himself comments: “The overall INTE-AUTO internal plug parts look very similar to the famous brand’s products in dimensions, the similarity with used materials, arrows indicating to the upside, the internal pins well aligned and make with gold material”
♦A very famous American medical company which produced measurements, they order 1000 sets connectors after visit our company and sample tested.

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Post time: Jun-12-2019