Why the delivery time of customized wiring harness is so long?

The wire harness is the blood vessel in the electric appliance, it is the indispensable part in the electric appliance. At present, the general connector includes terminal and various connectors. Wire harness refers to the contact terminal (narrow sense connector) which is made of copper material and connected with wires and cables. After it is connected with wires and cables, the external plasticized insulator or external metal shell is bound with wire harness to form the components connecting circuits.

In addition to plate-to-plate connectors that do not need wires and cables, other connectors in a narrow sense should be connected to wires and cables as components to play a role in connection. Wiring harness can be seen where there are electrical appliances, which is mainly used in the household electrical appliances industry, film and television equipment industry, medical equipment and automobile industry and other fields.

Sometimes, customers often ask why the delivery time is so long after ordering the customized wiring harness. Now we explain here, Generally, the process of receiving orders is as follows: confirm the best plan and the final drawing together with the customer, place an order with the customer, we evaluate the delivery date, purchase according to the demand, arrange production after the material arrives, process the material after the production arrives, product inspection and testing, packaging and storage, and deliver to the customer. Among these processes, the most time-consuming is probably the purchase of raw materials.

Common wiring harness products: if the required connector and wire are commonly used by the manufacturer, the material will be prepared, which can save the time of purchasing

Special customized wiring harness products: as some customers need to use specific specifications of wire, general wiring harness manufacturers need to find the wire manufacturers customized; Some wiring harnesses will use some JST/Molex terminals, unless there are stable similar orders, and such terminals are generally more expensive, not too much backlog in the factory, When there is no time to prepare some materials, but it is urgent, what is needed at this time is the cooperation of the company’s purchaser and material supplier, so try to buy as much time as possible, and the wiring harness manufacturers also try their best to meet the needs of customers.

Therefore, it is particularly important to provide high-coordination wiring harness suppliers. INTE-AUTO is your priority.In order to provide customers with one-stop service, we can also provide cable welding service at the same time of producing circular push-pull self-locking connector. The cable can be provided by customers or use standard wire of INTE-AUTO, We have a number of skilled wire workers, each line will be completed point-to-point conduction test and high pressure test to avoid possible problems.

Post time: Jul-02-2019