INT-K Half-shell code (G or A) Fixed Socket A Nut for Fitting Strain Relief

Short Description:

Model (INT-K) Series (0F…3F), Free socket, with half-shell code (G or A), cable collet, multipin.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 30000 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,PayPal,Western Union
  • Product Detail

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    F series cable line connector with the following main features:
    1. Original push -pull automatic locking system.
    2. Multipole types 2 to 27 contacts.
    3. Solder or PCB contacts (Straight and elbow are optional).
    4. Designed for frequent connect/disconnect operations.
    5. Ideal for compact product design.
    6. Half-shell code for blind mate.
    7. Brass housing, contacts plated gold.
    Technical characteristics:
    Mechanical and Climatically
    1. Endurance: > 5000 mating cycles.
    2. Humidity: up to 95% at 60 ºC.
    3. Temperature range: -40 ºC, +250 ºC.
    4. Resistance to vibration: 15 g [10 HZ-2000HZ].
    5. Shock resistance: 100 g ,6 MS.
    6. Salt spray corrosion test: > 48h.
    7. Protection index (mated): IP 50.
    Product size:

    Reference Dimension
    Model Series L A S1 S2
    INT-K 0F 35 10 8.0 8.0
    INT-K 1F 43 13 10.0 9.0

    Compatible with below part number:

    K102 Series K104 Series
    Number of Pins Female contact Male contact Number of Pins Female contact Male contact
    2 K102A051-130 K102Z051-130 2 K104A051-130 K104Z051-130
    3 K102A052-130 K102Z052-130 3 K104A040-130 K104Z040-130
    4 K102A053-130 K102Z053-130 4 K104A037-130 K104Z037-130
    5 K102A054-130 K102Z054-130 5 K104A053-130 K104Z053-130
    7 K102A056-130 K102Z056-130 6 K104A065-130 K104Z065-130
    9 K102A059-130 K102Z059-130 7 K104A054-130 K104Z054-130
    K103 Series 8 K104A066-130 K104Z066-130
    Number of Pins Female contact Male contact 16 K104A086-130 K104Z086-130
    2 K103A051-130 K103Z051-130 19 K104A092-130 K104Z092-130
    3 K103A052-130 K103Z052-130 27 K104A124-130 K104Z124-130
    4 K103A053-130 K103Z053-130 Note: All our part number begin with” INT-”, for example: INT-K102A051-130-XX
    Note:”XX” is the size of cable collet (request for cable diameter)
    5 K103A054-130 K103Z054-130
    6 K103A056-130 K103Z056-130
    7 K103A057-130 K103Z057-130
    8 K103A058-130 K103Z058-130
    12 K103A062-130 K103Z062-130

    Industry Application:
    This F series are widely used in equipment.
    1.Medical Electronics
    2.Test and Laboratory
    3.Measurement Instrumentation
    4.Data and Telecom Systems
    5.Audio and video Application
    6.Military and Aerospace
    7.Industrial Controls
    8.Nuclear Technology
    INTE-AUTO has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance connectors and cable assembly solutions for more than 8 years. Keep high quality with competitive price and fast shipping to cost down and shorten lead time.

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